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Our Prestige: The Spanish Royalty



Volart was appointed, in the early 1900's, as official supplier of the Spanish Royalty. In this image we can see the Infantas Doña María de las Mercedes and Doña María Teresa de Borbón, being welcomed to our factory by Don Ramón Volart Costa (grand-grandfather of the current owners), in their visit that took place the 25th of October, 1927 .

Today, Volart's designs are still very well appreciated by our Monarchs.

Here we can see our Queen Doña Sofía, wearing a dress made with our Chantilly lace, knitted using Leavers technology, our Ref. O13011120, designed and manufactured by Volart. This information was published by one of the most important national magazines, "Lecturas" on January 18th, 2006.

In this other image, we can see a detail of the bag of the Queen, also made with our Chantilly lace. Also, we can appreciate in a better detail the high quality of the design of Her dress.

Clicking here, you can see a brief historical photo gallery of our factory.

And clicking here, you can see some images of today's working environment.


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